City of Fishers' Vision Statement

At the State of the City address in February 2015, Mayor Scott Fadness laid out a vision of Fishers as a smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial city that provides an exceptional quality of life and fosters a culture of innovation and resiliency. 

Fishers is a smart city. A smart Fishers is a City that continues to develop and redevelop in a purposeful and thoughtful way. New development and redevelopment incorporates all the best practices of placemaking and smart growth principles to remain resilient and sustainable for the long-term, as well as to maintain an exceptional quality of life for our residents. 

A smart Fishers is a city where considerable thought and expertise continues to go into development of the built environment, which is evidenced by our high-quality neighborhoods, carefully engineered corridors, world-class parks, and attractive commercial centers. 

A smart Fishers is a community that is progressive and proactive in creating public policy that meets the needs of all our residents to have a high quality of life. 

Example of a smart Fishers: 

  • City services that are highly efficient and effective
  • A future land use plan that provides a sustainable growth model
  • A city that uses technology and innovation to become more sustainable and efficient, such as with smart grid technology at intersections and intelligence-led policing
  • A culture that encourages thoughtful conversations and debate
  • A community that considers decisions comprehensively, carefully weighing the impact of decisions on the community as a whole
A vibrant Fishers is a Fishers that has vitality, energy, and resiliency in all neighborhoods and regions of the community. In order to enhance vibrancy, there is a commitment to preserving the integrity of every neighborhood, and providing opportunities for neighborhoods to foster a stronger sense of place. 

A vibrant Fishers is a City with healthy neighborhoods that maintain their value, providing long-term sustainability for the community. New development and redevelopment is done with quality, longevity, and adaptability in mind so that our built environment will meet the changing needs of our many families a they continue to grow. 

A vibrant Fishers is a community that fosters a strong identity, sense of place, and tolerance in all of our diverse neighborhoods. 

Examples of a vibrant Fishers: 
  • Community traditions that foster connections among residents
  • A strong community identity
  • Neighborhoods and commercial districts that provide a strong sense of place
  • Community gathering spaces that are engaging and accessible to all of our diverse citizenry
  • A well-connected city that provides multi-modal transportation options
  • A downtown destination that is the heart of the community
An entrepreneurial Fishers is a city that fosters a culture of innovation, where the entrepreneurial spirit of continual improvement and the pursuit of discovery is our philosophy. 

An entrepreneurial Fishers offers an ecosystem that allows good ideas to grow and flourish, where an individual or company can obtain a new level of success. 

An entrepreneurial Fishers embraces the pursuit of creative ideas and the challenging of the status quo in order to continually make our city more efficient and effective. 

Examples of an entrepreneurial Fishers: 
  • Investment in our local talent to grow the economy from within
  • Innovative methods to partner our business community and schools to foster a new generation of young entrepreneurs
  • Adaptable commercial districts that allow entrepreneurs to meet the changing needs of modern business
  • Exceptional quality of life that continues to attract and retain talent