Land Use

Fishers is a community that understands what it means to grow, as many residents can attest by the rapid increase in population during the last few decades.  As Fishers continues to grow, land use patterns can have a great effect on the long-term financial health of the community and the quality of life of our residents.

The Land Use Task Force for the Fishers 2040 plan is responsible for ensuring that as the community continues to grow, we do it in a way that is smart, sustainable and protects the vitality of our neighborhoods.

 Land Use Task Force
Goal: To plan for future financial sustainability while creating an environment that supports quality of life that meets the vision for a smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city.
Questions for the task force to answer: 
​Does Fishers have the right mix of land uses (single family, multi-family, commercial, manufacturing)?
​Does Fishers have the appropriate categories of use to meet our vision?
​What is our strategy for multi-family development?
​Do we have the right diversity of housing? What is our priority for having a mix of housing that supports diversity in: 
        a. Socio-economic housing options
        b. Urban vs. suburban living
        c. Age demographics (i.e. millennials, families, empty-nesters, singles, etc.)
​Are there areas that need a change of use due to revitalization and redevelopment efforts? What are those target areas? What are the recommended uses for each target area?

The task force will meet regularly and use the discussion questions above to evaluate and determine the future land use needs of Fishers. The Land Use Task Force is responsible for delivering:

  • A future land use map
  • Descriptor goals for target areas
The Land Use Task Force's recommendations and deliverables will be included in the Land Use chapter of the Fishers 2040 comprehensive plan. The Land Use Task Force meeting date and times can be found on the Fishers 2040 calendar

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